Operation: Let's Read!
HeadenElite(TM) has teamed up with The Boys & Girls Club of Halifax County to invest in the literacy of our youth.


Operation: Let's Read! 2014



HeadenElite™ is proud to announce our partnership with the Halifax County Boys & Girls Club with our brand new literacy program, Operation: Let’s Read.  This program is designed to develop and encourage our youth in the area of literacy by fostering consistent reading habits.  We also aim to create a fun and positive atmosphere around reading and comprehension to supplement the existing efforts in schools and at home.  Operation: Let’s Read will span from March 26th 2014 to May 26th 2014 and consists of key elements to target three age groups; 6-8, 9-12 and 13 & up.  The kids will earn chances at incentives and recognition by putting forth the effort to read daily.  We are excited about the opportunity for our children to join us in the focus on reading and comprehension.  We truly believe that literacy is the foundation for success in the world today – today’s readers are tomorrow’s leaders

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