The book cover showcases an image of Pilot Mountain at its peak. This is one of the many places in North Carolina where Christopher records some of his most influential pieces.


The title, "It Takes a Lifetime", is from an aphorism that the author lives by; It takes a lifetime to write a poem.  Walk into the cover become surrounded by a world you will surely enjoy.



Christopher Dantonio Headen is a writer. In his works, the reader finds truth and reflection in an experience that is memorable and life changing.  His passion for poetry is evident in each piece and his depiction of life in the eyes of an inner city kid, striving to make it out of tough circumstances unparalleled.


 Each poem paints its own story. From love to civil rights, described in an architectural manner.  The details are all about joy of the journey; quality of the experience and learning is the embodiment. He has an unerring eye for what works and what doesn't and knows how to activate our spirits and minds. Navigating this world from the streets of Greensboro, NC to the cobblestone roads of France enables Christopher to tell a complete story, engineer and gentleman.  After reading his works you will long to know more about the man behind the tale.

Charlotte, NC

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In Christopher's latest project "It Takes a Lifetime", the reader accompanies him on the journey of life. Personal pain, struggles and triumphs are chronicled that will touch every emotion imaginable. Picturesque word flows, portray the origins of a deep thinker and storyteller.  Transformation is what the reader can expect page after page. 

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