Board of Directors - HOPE, Inc.



HeadenEliteā„¢ is proud to announce that our CEO, Christopher D. Headen, has recently joined the Board of Directors of HOPE, inc. in 2015.


HOPE, Inc. has a mission to empower, encourage, and equip low-income single parents to obtain a college degree, develop essential life skills, and ultimately become self-sufficient. We do this by providing our single parent students with:


1. Financial assistance for housing and childcare

2. A facilitator to connect our students to community resources

3. Financial literacy and a game plan for financial independence

4. Counseling resources and success coaching

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Christopher Headen, CEO of HeadenELITe(TM), joins the HOPE, Inc. Board of Directors


Why I joined this amazing organization - words from our CEO


I chose to join H.O.P.E, Inc because it is such a noble cause.  With everything that is going on in the world and in our communities, it is critical for us to invest in the futures of our young people. Programs like this one helped me beat the odds of low-income housing, poverty and a single parent home situation; it is only right that I do the same for someone else.  I have been active in my communities for over 18 years now, through various non-profit organizations, including my own in HeadenEliteā„¢. I am excited at the opportunity to be the spark igniting the minds that change the world.  This cause is very near and dear to my heart. We are really changing lives and breaking generational curses - talk about an awesome purpose! 

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